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At the law firm of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we represent individuals and businesses throughout the Miami-Dade area and South Florida in complex contract law matters. Our clients are from a wide range of backgrounds and industries both within the United States and abroad.

Contract Law

Contract Law

A thoroughly drafted contract can greatly influence the success of your investment in businesses and real estate.

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Agreements Lawyer

Agreements Attorney

These legally binding documents determine what each party's liabilities and contingencies are for unexpected circumstances.

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Miami-Dade & South Florida Contract Law

Contract Drafting, Review And Negotiation

Our clients' success is driven by the comprehensive service and skill we provide in complex business and real estate transactions as well as in associated tax law and estate planning considerations. Attorney Jorge L. Gurian has more than 20 years of experience as an attorney in the Miami-Dade area and an acute understanding of the strategic element of legal planning.

We handle a wide range of contracts and agreements, thoroughly drafting, reviewing and negotiating the terms on behalf of our clients so their best interests are always protected.

Whether you need to assure your own personal or professional liabilities are limited in a transaction or need to make sure exit strategies are in place should your investment not work out as planned, we can help.

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Buy/Sell and Mergers Agreements, Employment Agreements and more

Legal Agreements Draft, Review And Negotiation

At the law firm of Jorge L. Gurian, P.A., we draft, review and negotiate the terms of a wide range of legal agreements, such as those related to:

  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Real estate purchases and sales
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment issues like severance packages or noncompete agreements
  • Shareholders and business investors
  • Partnerships and business entity formation
  • Intellectual property, trademarks and copyrights

Miami-Dade & South Florida Agreements Lawyer

Throughout the Miami area and South Florida, there are vast opportunities for lucrative businesses and real estate investments. Whether you are located within the United States or are living abroad, you need to consider the complexity of contracts and agreements related to your financial decisions. Make sure to work with a Miami attorney who understands employment agreements, buy/sell agreements and the important details to manage in contract law.

Before you sign any documents that tie you to another individual, a financial institution or a business entity, make sure you work with a knowledgeable Miami contract law attorney who can assure your personal and professional interests are protected.

Real Estate Investments Tax

Buy/Sell Agreements Attorney

Choosing to invest in a business often involves buying an existing business, rather than building one from the ground up. These transactions are founded in buy/sell agreements, which may involve purchasing an entire business entity or buying out a partner in a business.

The contract you draft should address key issues of who the business or shareholders' portion of the business can be sold to, how the buyout is triggered (i.e., death of a shareholder or owner leaving the business), and how the business or portion of the business will be valued for sale.

Furthermore, many tax law considerations must be made as any new entity you purchase or sell will likely influence your income and how the government taxes your personal or professional financial interests. Our firm is equipped to address these issues and more with comprehensive knowledge and skill.

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